Fast Cars and Hot Summer Nights

Our summer semester officially ends tomorrow, and that also means no more weekly blogs as an assignment. My blogs have actually been one of my favorite things to do this semester along with making timelapses, a movie and a magazine, so I plan to continue posting on mine. I decided to return to the Rockingham dragway Saturday night to get some photos this time after having only taken movie clips for an assignment the previous weekend.

I love my classes, but the last couple of weeks of each semester are usually very stressful. They are filled with long days and evenings trying to finish assignments on time, taking final exams, and then worrying that I will pass everything so that I can continue on to the next semester. This semester was no different. No matter how many photographs I take for my class assignments, I never tire of taking photos. It is my way to relax and forget all the stress and anxiety as I wait for the final grades of the semester. There is nothing that I love more than getting lost behind my camera, and capturing pieces of the world as I see them through my lens. Although it was super hot outside, I had a fantastic time. Looking forward to the next few weeks off to practice my skills but will miss my classes, friends and instructors.



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