The Rise and Fall of the Textile Industry


Deep River
Dan River Mills in Danville, VA
Deep River
Dan River in Danville, VA

The Dan River Mills remains as a reminder of the textile dynasty that once existed in the south. Remnants of old cotton mills are scattered throughout Virginia, North Carolina and other southern states, but few look as formidable and majestic as the once great Dan River Mills. First known as the Riverside Cotton Mills, built in 1882 along the Dan River in Danville, Virginia. Her grayish white walls that take on a golden hue with the sun setting, still watch over this city she once was an important part of. Left abandoned since 2006, her smokestacks have been imploded and many of the outbuildings are gone, but still this historic icon is a sight to behold. The beautiful Dan River which flows behind it was a necessity to run the mill effectively through the use of water power. The dam like the one pictured above sits right beside the old cotton mill.


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