Big Cats Find a Home at Carolina Tiger Rescue

These beautiful tigers call Carolina Tiger Rescue their home. There are also African Lions, Mountain Lions, Servals, Ocelots, Caracals, and other big cats that reside at the rescue. Most of these majestic animals were privately owned before being surrendered or taken away from their owners. In many of the states it is legal to buy/own a tiger, and there are now more privately owned tigers than the 3,000 that are estimated to still exist in the wild. When the adorable cubs grow into massive cats with massive appetites and a tendency to be wild, they are disposed of. Luckily, there are places like Carolina Tiger Rescue to give them a second chance at living as freely as they can. These are not house pets, and deserve our respect.

Field of Honor

Some photos taken as people made final rounds honoring our veterans at the Field of Honor before the closing ceremony at South Asheboro Middle School.

360 Panoramas


Today in Digital Imaging we had more fun learning how to be creative with panoramas. We learned how to do 360 Panoramas which were a lot of fun. I have actually loved the things we have learned the last few weeks.  I really enjoyed this and look forward to doing some more panoramas and 360 panoramas on my own.


After much thought due to family circumstances, I have decided it was best for me to take a step back from my photography classes and resume next fall. I have decided to start working on my Associate in Science Degree as I can do some online classes for those and do a double major. I will miss seeing my classmates and instructors but think this is the best decision for me at this time.




Zoo Panorama

NC Zoo

I went to the zoo to shoot some photos to practice panoramas. It consists of taking a series of photos by keeping them level across, and having about one third of the previous photo in the next one. Then after toning the photos, you run them through a program in Photoshop that merges them together to create one photo. The one I did today was six photos put together. I’m really looking forward to going to the mountains Thursday, and shooting some of Linville Gorge for my major assignment. This is something that I can see myself using often with landscape and wildlife photos.

A Walk in The Mountains

My daughter and I drove up to the Blue Ridge Parkway this weekend to spend some time in the mountains. I love the NC mountains and have missed spending time here. A few years ago, I spent every weekend driving and hiking these beautiful mountains. School and work haven’t given me a lot of free time lately, but making more time to be out in nature and doing what I love. We hiked up to Rough Ridge which lies along the Tanawha trail and has beautiful views especially of Grandfather Mountain. We also stopped at Price Lake on the drive up. The lake looked so peaceful as the last of the mist cleared away.