Revved Up Engines, NOS, and Wheelies

As I’m getting ready to start my second semester at Randolph Community College in Photography, I decided to go out and practice shooting more motion and action. We went to Piedmont Dragway this time. This used to be one of our regular Thursday night hangouts many many years ago. Being well over a decade since I last visited this track, it was nice to see that there were quite a few more cars here then at Rockingham Dragway on Saturday nights. I had gotten used to shooting from certain areas at The Rock, but the stands at Piedmont Dragway are much closer and lower which made getting a good angle a little more challenging. The clouds came in quickly, making the light disappear fairly fast on an already late evening start, so I did not get as many action photos as I would have liked. There were a few great wheelies, a quick little fire on the carburetor before take off, some burnouts and plenty of showing off of these powerful cars and motorcycles. Test-N-Tune night is always my favorite because it is more about having fun then just serious competition.


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