The Raptor of the Rivers


I went down to the river near my house this morning in search of the otters and beavers I used to see each morning before I started college. I had no luck in finding them this morning, but was able to get some photos of an Osprey, a Great Blue Heron and a Hawk with my new lens. Raptors are my favorite birds, and the Osprey holds a special place in my heart. These beautiful birds of prey are also called Sea Hawks, River Hawks, or Eagle Fish. They are found near most water sources such as rivers, salt marshes and oceans because their diet consists of only fish. If you ever get the chance to watch one soar through the sky it is an amazing sight. This one watched over her terrain with serious focus, and would glare at me every time she heard the camera shutter. She even followed a far off plane with her golden stare. She sat for quite awhile, scratching her head and watching silently until a hawk flew on the branch next to her, then she decided it was time to leave.


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