A Work of Art

As I’m getting ready to start my second year at RCC in Photojournalism, I was going through some of my photos from past semesters. One of the most challenging classes that I took was Small Format during spring semester. It was one of those classes that really make you work for your grade, and made me question if I was good enough to make it almost every day throughout the eight weeks. Many of the assignments put me way out of my comfort zone, making me introduce myself to strangers and then asking to photograph them. There were a couple assignments that I really enjoyed in that class though, and one of them was the workplace assignment. Most products are manufactured on assembly lines nowadays, but I wanted to find someone who still worked each piece with their hands. Someone who created beautiful works of art. Luckily, the first place I emailed, Seagrove Stoneware Pottery were kind enough to let me come shoot. Alexa Modderno and David Fernandez are the talented craftspeople that own Seagrove Stoneware Pottery. I was able to watch, and photograph David Fernandez turning some clay on the wheel. To watch this lump of clay be formed into something so lovely is quite amazing. Not only is Mr. Fernandez a talented potter, but he is also the mayor of Seagrove. I appreciate them taking time out of their busy schedules, to share their pottery with me.


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