The Beauty of the Audobon Swamps

One of my favorite places to visit when I am in Charleston is the Magnolia Plantation. The Audobon Swamps that are a part of the expansive plantation are breathtaking. They are full of wildlife, such as various waterbirds, alligators, turtles and others. The vivid greens of the swamps and vibrant blue skies set the stage for gorgeous landscapes.

On my last visit this past week, the Great Blue Heron and Alligators were not even a little shy about getting their photos taken. One Heron was particularly photogenic, posing up close for me for quite a few pictures. The Alligators were a little harder to spot. In some cases they were pretty well camouflaged with only an eye sticking out above the water, waiting patiently for their next meal. It is a place that never disappoints and remains wild.


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