The Creation of a Forest Begins with One Seed

As I drive home from school everyday, I have to pass the area where a new highway is underway. Each day brings more and more destruction as trees are cut down, placed in large piles, and set on fire. Beautiful oaks, maples, and pines all felled without a second thought. All for the convenience of us being able to arrive at a destination a few minutes sooner. It is not only just for the sake of a highway that millions of trees are being slaughtered though. They are being cleared at alarming rates to make room for more houses, buildings, and farm land. Being cut and sold for paper, furniture, and many other products. Yet, what are we losing with all our greed and self absorbed ways? We are killing ourselves, Without trees, our oxygen levels decrease, temperatures rise, soil erosion occurs just to name a few. All it takes is replanting trees, being more conscious of our destruction to start making a difference.


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