A Beacon along the Atlantic coast


Traveling and taking photos are my two favorite things to do, so we headed to the Outer Banks during my summer break from college. We are working on making a magazine for one of our assignments for printing class and I decided to do mine on my favorite lighthouse and the surrounding area of Bodie Island. Although Bodie Island Lighthouse is quite a bit smaller than it’s Hatteras Island cousin at only 9 levels, I love the land and marshes that surround it. It has a beautiful spiraling “floating” staircase that amazes, and scares me at the same time. When you reach the top, the 360 views are spectacular and worth the climb.


This lighthouse, built in 1872, was the third and final that was erected on Bodie Island. It was one of the first that had a first order Fresnel lens placed in it. It was later changed to an electric lamp when the lighthouse became automated in 1932. Where it once was a much needed beacon to guide and warn ships of the dangers along the waters of “the graveyard of the Atlantic”, it now welcomes tourists from all over to visit and climb to the top. Surrounded by the atlantic and the marshes, the views are breathtaking.



4 thoughts on “A Beacon along the Atlantic coast

  1. Hi Bernadine! Obsessed with the Bodie Island Lighthouse Living quarters and floating staircase shots! Also, I don’t know if you follow Ourstate Magazine on any of the social media platforms but they have more great ideas for on locations shots. Love seeing your travels and landscape work!

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