To Burn or not to Burn

Stone Mountain

As I went to Stone Mountain this morning, I already knew what post I had planned to write and the photos I planned to take, but when I arrived I was stunned to see the ground covered with burnt trees. I thought perhaps a wildfire had started sometime in the previous months but found out it was a 500 acre controlled burn. I decided to do another blog this week on this.

I have read all the good things controlled fires are supposed to do and how they benefit other species of trees, yet I am not a fan. Last year was a devastating year to forests not only in NC but many states. Our state alone lost over 50,000 acres to wildfires with the majority being arson related. So, do I think that setting another state park that managed to survive unscathed on fire a good idea? No, I do not. We continually think that we know what is best for what remains of our wilderness, yet we are the ones that are constantly causing catastrophe after catastrophe. We say that fire benefits certain types of pine trees while we slaughter the rain forests and kill our own forests with pollution. We condone our actions of chopping and burning millions of trees for our advancement and expansion.

Stone Mountain

The only thing we should protect our forests from is us and our intervention. The trees do not need us to survive but we do need them to survive. Instead of finding ways to destroy them at an alarming rate, we need to start replanting and caring for them as though our lives depend on it.

Stone Mountain


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