Vineyards, Flowers and Leading Lines

Pho134 Black and White

My passion for photography has mostly revolved around anything that has to do with being in nature. I love shooting landscapes and wildlife! Since I started college last fall, I haven’t spent as much time as I would like being outdoors. My weekdays and weekends have been filled with photographing for assignments and homework. I love my classes, and have enjoyed learning everything especially studio work but my heart will always belong among the wildlife, trees and mountains. This blog has given me the chance to not feel guilty about taking a little time away from my other assignments and get some photos of what I love shooting the most.

This past weekend I decided to visit Childress Vineyards for my weekly blog photos as well as for a black and white print for another assignment. Such a beautiful place, with birds flitting over the water, the beautiful blue sky with wispy clouds and the grass and grape vines in vibrant shades of green. I love leading lines and symmetry, and tend to lean towards that in many of my photos. That is the reason I chose this image for one of my photos this week.

Pho134 Black and White

There were also these adorable little pinkish-red flowers with yellow centers lining the walkway of the main building (restaurant and store). They had this velvety texture that I attempted to capture with my camera. The final image I added below was just another view of the rows of grapevines that ran along the roads going up to the restaurant and all along the property,

Pho134 Black and White



6 thoughts on “Vineyards, Flowers and Leading Lines

  1. abramsphotography

    Bernadine, I can definitely see the velvety texture of the flowers in your photo and I also just really enjoy looking at it and its beautiful colors. I also really enjoyed your main photo, I loved the leading lines as well and I think that the little building on the right gives it a nice sense of balance.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nicolelynnedubois

    It’s so obvious that nature photography is your passion, Bernadine! You have a way of capturing things that the average person tends to overlook and your technique is on-point.

    Liked by 1 person

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