The Beauty of Cades Cove

Pho122 Final Portfolio

One of my favorite places to visit is Cades Cove in the Smokey Mountains. It’s hidden many miles from stores and houses, down long and winding scenic roads. It’s a place that stopped in time many decades ago but there are still a few remnants of old cabins, churches, and barns. One of the places I got a chance to photograph during my last visit a few weeks ago, was this quaint little cabin set a half mile down along one of the trails. As you walk down along the trail, it opens up to this view with a couple other out buildings nearby.

Pho122 Final Portfolio

The thing that brings me back to this place year after year though is the abundance of wildlife that can be seen. This is where I have seen the most black bears and been able to get photos of mom and cubs sleeping in the trees as well as on the move searching for food. Unfortunately, I did not get to see any bears this last trip but did get to see dozens of deer roaming all around. This young buck was a particular favorite of mine, and he allowed me to get fairly close for my shots.

Pho122 Final Portfolio



5 thoughts on “The Beauty of Cades Cove

  1. I really like these images… You did a great job on all them, my favorite one is the one of the young buck too. I need to make a trip there sometime to hike around to see the sights. Keep up the great work, your going to make a great wildlife photographer!

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  2. Great shots! I have always wanted to see a black bear up close. Whenever I see your photos of the cool places you travel, I always want to go! The writing that went along with your images made me feel like I was there!

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  3. I like all these images but I really love the image of the buck. I love how calm it looks as opposed to how in most cases they tend to look alert and afraid. It is great that you were able to get so close; it seems that it is use to people being around.

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