Elephants and Ivory

PHO125 Strobe Lab

I decided to do My Design Portfolio for spring semester on Elephants. I love everything about elephants! I believe they are one of the most under appreciated of the animal species. Their communication and intelligence level is far superior to most other species. They have many human like emotions, showing affection, joy, sadness and even mourning their loved ones that have died. They can communicate with each other over several miles by sending low rumbles of seismic waves through the ground and triangulate exactly where the signal is coming from with their feet and trunk.

They are also very empathic beings that can feel the pain and suffering of their families as they are being senselessly slaughtered for their tusks. These majestic giants are poisoned and shot and left to die slowly and in excrutiating pain at increasing and alarming rates each day, all so that their tusks can be sawed off and sold. They are not the only species being targeted. Rhinos are also being murdered for their horns as well as other animals for different parts and appendages. How much should one consider enough money to make it acceptable to kill these intelligent animals? The only ones that should have the right to possess ivory, are the elephants!

My dream is to go to Africa, to photograph and study these amazing animals roaming free in the wild while there are still some to be seen. I love visiting C’Zar (pictured above) and the other elephants at the NC Zoo and spent many hours observing and photographing them for my portfolio. I know that there at the zoo, they will hopefully remain safe from poachers. Still, I wonder when they were taken from their families and lost their freedom as youngsters, if they felt they had been saved or just stolen and placed in a prison. I believe that if someone locked me up for the rest of my life to protect me from harm, I would not feel grateful for losing my freedom on the chance that I may be murdered and die. I would rather have the chance to cherish every moment of freedom that I was given, to live and love and remain with my family.



9 thoughts on “Elephants and Ivory

  1. This was a lovely project and I hope you continue to venture forth with it. I particularly loved the tight shots of the elephants with the details of their skin and tusks. The tightness and detail gave this towering mammal a small intimate feel and really allowed for emotion to play through the images. I wonder where that can take the project, and I really love your passion and clear understanding of the subject matter. It is always nice when original ideas are put together with intention and knowledge.

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  2. I really enjoyed your design project this past semester, great work. I look forward to following your work as you continue to grow as a photographer and go forth for here. Your passion and love towards these animals and all living creatures as well as photography inspire me to be a better person and to always do my best each day!

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  3. I love elephants also. The zoo is one of my favorite places. I would love to be able to see some of these animals in their own environment. The work you are going to do is going to make a difference.Keep following your passion.

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  4. I really liked your project last semester because of the way you decided to portray the elephants. I’ve never would have thought to photograph an animal the way you did, and it made your project feel very personal.

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  5. I am so excited to see more of your work. Your love for animals really does show in what you do. It is something that matters to you personally. Everything you are doing now matters greatly, and will make you an even better photographer.

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